It’s Time…Time to take the steps to become the person you were meant to be here on  Earth. No more playing small, living an unfulfilled life, going thru the motions and not being happy. It’s Time for you to Rise, to Awaken, to Discover Your Magic, as we are All Magical Beings. Learn how to let go/release the sh**, everything that is weighing you down. It’s Time to bring more love, joy, happiness, playfulness into your life! It’s Time to Rise!

This is the Year to Ignite Your Light! It is Time….It is Your Time!!! This is not an easy journey, but it is all about living from your heart, your soul, your truth, the absolute reason why you are here on earth at this exact time. This is your Soul Contract!


Many of us have been taught to hide our shadow self, our dark side, the side that doesn’t conform to societies rules. Our culture promotes us to be the same, to follow and to not question. They like us in a little box that is never opened, contained, small and quiet. This is why depression, anxiety, addiction, mental illness is so rampant in our culture. We are suppressing who we really are, who we came here to be.

This is no longer acceptable. It is time that We Rise and accept those dark little gems, our shadow-self, those things that make us extra special. It’s the Extra Sauce! They are the little treasures that make us unique, set us apart, and let us Fly! This is where our passion lies, our creativity, our little sweet spot. Think of how you were as a carefree kid! This is where our inner child loves to play and it is time you finally let them come back out to Rise. It’s time to create a Beautiful, Joy-filled, Happy Life for yourself! By doing this…you will inspire others!

We were born to radiate joy, love, light, and embrace our Shadow Self. We were born to be happy, to flow, and to live a life full of magic and mystery. I can help you realign with your Authentic Self through Soul Coaching, Energy Healing, Magic, and just sharing the wisdom that I have gained over the many years. I truly believe we are here to help each other Shine, to help each other Rise, and be in your True Power!

***This can be difficult for those around you, your loved one’s, family to accept, but you need to in order to live an authentic life, it is time to Shine! Many have your back and I am one of them!

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