Space/Energy/Distance Clearing Testimonial’s

I met Heidi last year thru Jess Jarecki at a Workshop. I have been following her on Facebook since then. What a amazing gift she has. I saw her transform other people’s lives so I hired her to help my boyfriend get an offer on his new house he finished. It is a beautiful house overlooking a lake. Lots of lookers but no offer. After a year I knew there was something keeping the house from getting sold. Bad vibes, the developer of the house, or something seemed to be interfering and not bring the perfect buyer to make an offer. And that’s where Heidi came in, working with me through e-mails , giving me secrets on what I can do to clear the house and bring an offer. She did a lot from her home to heal this house also. Worked very hard to get results. Within 2 weeks we had two offers come in. Mark (my boyfriend) accepted one. He is still waiting for the closing which should be around the end of March. I truly believe in my heart that Heidi helped me and my boyfriend let go of any bad vibes from the house. Whatever it was it worked. Thanks again Heidi for all you do. M

“I want to take a moment to say thank you! I have had many life changes over the past 8 years. The peace that you have brought to me and my family through your space clearings is immeasurable! I have moved over 5 times. Each time I do I have you come and clear the energy in my home. As you know, Collin and I are very sensitive to negative energy. Immediately after you come, there is a change. A sense of peace and joy. I cannot put into words what that means to me. You are an angel here on earth. I am blessed to have you as a friend. I can only hope and pray that others will seek you out. ❤️”

‘Heidi did a space clearing on my home, both of our ‘kids’ have had sinus problems and ‘A’ has problems with our cat Sage. They were both here all of last weekend, right after the space clearing and both said they never felt better! ‘A’ couldn’t get over that she didn’t need her sinus meds and ‘B’ was pretty amazed with his lack of congestion. Seriously, he was born with problems! Thank You!’ MJ

“After some intense dreams that affected not only myself, but also my husband and son, I called Heidi right away to see what she thought I could do help our environment. She didn’t hesitate to do some distance work as well as come over that evening for a clearing of our home.  After she left, my husband, (who is somewhat skeptical) said “it feels different in here.  Lighter.”  I felt the same!  The clearing made our home feel lighter and more protected.  And Heidi also provided input on what we could do ourselves to keep it that way in the future.  We are so thankful for Heidi and her willingness to open up her skills to our home and our family.

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