Here are links to testimonials I have received from clients through-out the years. Please click on the description.

  1. Soul Awakening (one on one)
  2. Intuitive Realtor/Healer (Home Buyer’s and Seller’s)
  3. Reading’s
  4. Energy Healing/Reiki/Distance Healing
  5. Space/Energy Clearing (in your home, business, office, etc)

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Heidi Kelley
Spiritual Advisor/Teacher/Coach/Healer
the Intuitive Realtor/Healer
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One thought on “Testimony’s

  1. Heidi did an Angel card reading for me recently. The cards, and her interpretation of the cards, were very relevant to my life, in seeing where I am right now, and the Angels had such supportive and loving responses for me, advice I dearly needed. I am watching for signs, Heidi! Thank you for the reading. I really needed to hear those things!! xoxo, MIN


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