Earth Star Chakra Workshop

Do you feel lost? Out of Balance? Do you have trouble manifesting or seeing your dreams come into fruition? Full of Anxiety? Depression? Unsafe? Not Supported? Not Protected? Are you trying to figure out your Soul’s Journey? Where you fit in?

All of these questions and others are connected to the Earth Star Chakra being out of alignment.

The Earth Star Chakra is the catalyst, the connection to creating the life you desire.

If you are having a hard time reaching your dreams, your goals, your heart’s desires, your soul’s journey,
it’s very likely your Earth Star Chakra is out of alignment.
This workshop will teach you how to balance and align your energies to create a beautiful life.  

The Earth Star Chakra is rarely mentioned but it is extremely valuable to our well-being. It is the one that anchors our energy into Mother Earth, draws down our Root Chakra and connects us, deep into her sweet essence. I will teach you how significant this chakra is, how it is connected to every aspect of your life and how to work with it.

This will be culmination of the first two sessions. If you missed them, you will be just fine…

This is a hands on event working with the Earth Star Chakra, Releasing/Creating/Ritual/Meditation. If you are in person, I will provide you with supplies needed and you will be able to take them home. If you are doing the video and would like me to send you some supplies, I can do that, but there will be an extra charge.

Wednesday Oct 17th 6:30p.m   You can start arriving at 6, class starts at 6:30.  I will try to be done around 9:00.
$25.00 for my in person Workshop, Verona, WI

$15.00 Recorded Video

If you purchase the video, please give me some time to email it to you. I do not have a platform that sends the link automatically to you.

The Chakra Series is based on my 20+ years as a Spiritual Student. Initially I took a 7 month-long Chakra Class with Martina Schmidt. I have taught about the Chakra’s over the years, but nothing like this series. I was recently inspired by my current Teacher/Mentor Dr. Athena Perrakis and her recent First book on the 9 Chakra’s. I will incorporate a wide variety of my past and present to create this Series.

For those of you familiar with Athena’s teachings, it will go far beyond the book.  It’s Time for me to step it up and fully live from my heart.

Much Love, Light, Joy and Many Blessings! Enjoy!

Ignite Your Power to Attract! Attract the Life the Love that You Desire!

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