Spiritual Advisor/Soul Coaching

Why you are here?
What is your path? Are you on the right one?
Why did you come to Earth? What is your purpose?
What is your soul’s journey/contract?
What makes you feel alive, joy-filled, passionate?

I work privately with my Soul Coaching Clients. This way I can help each of you with your individual questions, needs,  and desires. Soul Coaching has to do with All Areas, All Aspects of your life. Especially in regards to Self-Love/Self-Care/Loving our Shadows (We are taught to put everyone’s needs before our own. We are considered selfish if we take care of ourselves first…this is far from the truth.) Other areas I coach…. Family,  Love, Grief, Health, Career, Abundance, Finances, Spirituality, Protection….the list goes on and on.

Soul Coaching could include some of the following: Altars, Astrology, Archangels, Chakras, Crafting,  Crystals, Crystal Gridding, Essential Oils, Goddess’s, Herbs, Magic, Manifesting Techniques, Meditations, Readings, Rituals, Runes, Spells, Tarot  and Witchy Stuff…this is an endless list. If there are certain areas you are interested in, let me know?   I can also help you discover your spiritual gifts, working with your chakras, the other-side etc.

I have an extensive background of knowledge and pull from all aspects to help my clients and enrich their lives: Certifications/Training

Soul Coaching Testimonials!

****(For those of you who want to just ‘talk’ to me, please understand that I direct you here, so I can be compensated for my time and knowledge.….this is my business. I have  spent many years studying, reading, teaching myself and am currently enrolled in my third year as a student in  Soul Shift. I’ve set this up as a way that you can talk to me, ask me questions, pick my brain and I can share anything that I can with you!)

Over the phone Soul Coaching:

15 min $25.00

30 min $45.00

45 min $65.00

60 min $85.00


90 min $125.00

Once you have purchased, please contact me and we will figure out the perfect date/time!

 I invite you to join my Private Facebook Group

Soul Coaching Testimonials!

Heidi Kelley
Spiritual Advisor/Teacher/Coach/Healer
the Intuitive Realtor/Healer
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One thought on “Spiritual Advisor/Soul Coaching

  1. The reading Heidi gave today was so spot-on, beautiful, and needed! Her words touched on a matter that I am working through and helped me realize what I have been sensing is right where I need to be to heal specific areas of my life in 2022!
    Thank you


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