Magical Spells for Healing

I have worked with Energy/Magic/Alchemy for over 20 years, but my Practice has really expanded, heightened with my Isolation during Covid.
I am offering my Services to those who truly need the help. This means, if you would like some kind of Spell-Work done, (at absolutely no harm to other’s or against other’s Free-Will). Contact me, tell me your request and I may help you out. If it is something I am not comfortable doing, I work with another Practioner who might be willing to help you. 

This could include working with each other over Video Chat, my creating a Recipe specifically for your needs and /or creating some kind of Amulet (to keep energy away) or a Talisman (to bring energy towards you…manifesting).
I can help with a wide variety of different things…Attracting Love, Creating a New Life , Healing,  Awakening to Your Authentic Self, Abundance, Good Health, Safety, Protection, a Poppet (for you)… you name it and I have probably been there in some way and can help you out.

The minimum fee for this is $25 and goes up from there depending on my Time and Supplies needed for the Recipe and your needs. 

For more info, fill out the for on Contact Me and I will get back with you asap!

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