Space/Energy Clearing

Space Clearing is something that our culture/society typically isn’t that familiar with. It is in most of our history, many of our ancestors knew about it. It’s time to start looking back at simpler times, the basics and learn from our ancestors.

Our homes, businesses, offices are filled with infinite layers of vibrating energy; they are mirrors of ourselves, leaving an imprint of any energy either positive or negative that we radiate. Everything that happens in a building vibrates and leaves an energetic imprint. This means our good, happy, loving energy leaves a high vibration. On the other hand, it also means our worries, our fears, our issues leave a low vibration. This stagnant, sluggish, stuck energy accumulates all around us like dust and cobwebs, we just can’t see it. It accumulates in layers and layers of energy. We might not even know why we feel the way we do. We could be happy, until we come into a room that has been full of depressed energy. We can take that on in our bodies and not even be aware of it. This is why Space Clearing is so important, so we surround ourselves in a high vibrating energy to attract/manifest the life we dream of.

These are the basic concepts of Space Clearing

  • Everything is composed of constantly changing energy.
  • You are not separate from the world around you.
  • Everything has consciousness.

 “Your home is an evolving being much as you are an evolving being.  You home’s Beingness is one that you may communicate with, it provides protection and healing”, Denise Linn.

With space clearing the energy is set into motion and dispersed. Space clearing can transform a dismal environment into a sacred space, harmonize the energies and help turn your home into a sanctuary. A sacred ritual is performed.  The atmosphere will feel lighter and brighter.

Space clearing is a powerful tool that can transform your life, to give yourself the fresh start that you so much deserve.

$125.00 basic fee
$50.00 (hourly after first hour)

Mileage Fee
First 20 min drive time: Free
After 20 min….$25.00 every 1/2 hr (round trip from Verona WI)

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