Soul Awakening Sessions!

Coming Soon….Soul Awakening Coaching Packages…ask me about them!

Special of Soul Awakening Over the Phone! $60 for a 1 hr session…Savings of $15.00! See link below!

I work one on one with my Soul Awakening Clients. This way I can help each of you with your individual questions, needs, desires. Soul Awakening has to do with All Areas, All Aspects of your life: Relationships, Love, Grief, Health, Career, Abundance, Finances, Spirituality, Protection….the list goes on and on. I’m asked about Readings, etc, this is the place that I do this. 

Thru the Soul Awakening Coaching, I will be assist Creating the Life You Desire! I will give you different ways to manifest, use the law of attraction, clear energy blocks, possibly guide you thru a meditation….whatever your needs are… I am  there to assist you, to answer questions, give you guidance, raise your vibration, walk you thru the process, step by step, whatever your need, I would be there by your side. You would take away tools that you can continue to use on yourself, in your home etc. Depending on how we work…in person or phone, will depend on what all I can do for you. Everything is tailored made just for you. This could include some of the following: Altars, Astrology, Archangels, Chakras, Crafting,  Crystals, Crystal Gridding, Essential Oils, Goddess’s, Herbs, Magic, Manifesting Techniques, Meditations, Rituals, Runes, Tarot or Oracle Card Reading, etc. These will help you remove whatever is holding you back and help you move forward with your dreams! The more we can clear these blocks, your energy will flow, this in turn creates a higher your Vibration in your body….the higher your Vibration….the faster you will Manifest and Create the Life of Your Dreams!!!

I have an extensive background of knowledge and pull from all aspects to help my clients and enrich their lives. 

Soul Awakening Testimonials!

****(For those of you who want to just ‘talk’ to me, please understand that I direct you here, so I can be compensated for my time and knowledge.….this is my business. I have spent years studying and am currently enrolled in my second year in Soul Shift. I’ve set this up as a way that you can talk to me, ask me questions, pick my brain and I can share anything that I can with you!)

Over the phone Soul Awakening Coaching:

15 min $25.00

30 min $40.00

45 min $60.00

60 min $75.00  Special Price $60.00!

I am currently only working over the phone due to Covid.

One on One Soul Awakening  Coaching in my Verona, WI Home:

1 hr $99.00 This includes a special Visualization specifically designed for you using my Crystal Singing Bowl, a meditation, an energy healing, and/or a ritual designed specifically for your needs to raise your vibration and Attract the Life You Desire!

1.5 hr $130.00 This includes a special Visualization specifically designed for you using my Crystal Singing Bowl, a meditation, an energy healing, and/or a ritual designed specifically for your needs to raise your vibration and Attract the Life You Desire!

Once you have purchased, please email me or send me a message through Facebook Messenger and we will figure out the perfect date/time!

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Ignite Your Power to Attract!

Soul Awakening Testimonials!

Ignite Your Power to Attract! Attract the Life, the Love that You Desire!

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Trust Your Vibes: 12/31

Trust Your Vibes cards by Sonia Choquette are to help activate and strengthen your sixth sense. They will help you deepen your connection To God, your Higher Self, angels, spirit guides, and helpers from the Other Side!


To activate your higher awareness and instantly restore good vibrations, all you need is a serious dose of recreation and play time . Rather than continuing to relentlessly pressed against the uphill battle of life, it’s necessary to back off at regular intervals and do something fun. This gives your ego a break and allows your creative spirit to incubate a solution. Having fun is not a waste of time. It allows the Universe to work on your behalf while you refresh your soul and gain a new perspective. Play also raises your personal vibration and increases your ability to intercept Divine guidance from higher realms. Albert Einstein once said that he wished he had played more, while Leonardo DaVinci made it a regular daily practice. An hour or two, or even a full evening or weekend of play, will release your inner genius, restore your vitality, and usher in the solutions you seek.

Back off, relax, enjoy, and see if a surprising outcome results.

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Ignite Your Power to Attract! Attract the Life the Love that You Desire!

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