Black Moon Divinitorium

Join Heidi Kelley and Jennifer McFarlane in person the second of each month to learn how to practice magick in your everyday life. They will discuss the current energy available through numerology, astrology, and any noteworthy events, and the Wheel of the Year. Through these discussions you will discover what the Universe is asking you to focus on in life in order to progress and achieve that desired harvest each year. You will be led through learning the knowledge, preforming a ritual, and preparing for how to progress with your spellwork for the rest of the month.

June’s Month of Magick!

1.) Theme…. June is all about Love…not just soul-mate, but self love. Love of your life and all the things in it. I feel that mentioning that life should be lived from the heart and when it is not it is conflicting, complicated, and often unfulfilling. When we listen to ourselves and begin to respond to life with meeting things and ourselves with authentic truth of who we are, how we genuinel feel, and how things sit with us long term we find what truly alivens us….where our true passions ly, and what song our heart truly sings.

2.) Astrological Events…Jupiter is in Taurus! Thus is all about Expansion, removal of obstacles the rune that removes obstacles would be good to use and discuss

3.) The Turning of the Wheel: Summer Solstice/Midsummer/Litha is June 21st longest day of the year

4.) Correspondence for June…Crystals, Herbs, Essential Oils, Food etc

5.) Magickal Spellwork You will leave with numerous ways to weave Magick into your daily lives and Spells to work at home to maintain this energy all month.


Join us as the Wheel of the Year Turns Again!

Friday June 2, 6:30pm to -8:30

$55.00 Please pay thru

or contact Heidi or Jennifer to pay directly.
Sign up early, space is limited!!

Any and all supplies needed for our gathering will be sent to you prior to the workshops so you can come prepared.

**All scheduled workshops are in my home in Verona, WI. unless otherwise stated.
IMPORTANT! Please Note!!! Past events Heidi had some theft. There are now cameras throughout the house (not the bathroom). Please respect her space otherwise expect Karma to find you!

***Cancellation Policy:

If you aren’t able to attend the in person event and notify us 3 days prior, you will be credited for the next class. 

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