An Auspicious Year 2018! Powerful Energies From the Universe!


This is going to be a Magical year ahead for energies and I wanted to share it with you! We are entering a massive energy shift which we greatly need! I am going to share a lot of great info about the Energies going on with the New Year, 2018 and our Planets right now!

The first is about the Universal Year number. This number can be found when the components of 2018 are taken apart and added up. This means 2+0+1+8= 11. 11 is a Master Number and Master Numbers aren’t taken down to a single digit. These are other Master Number’s: 22.33.44 and so on.

An 11 Universal Year is a very Auspicious year in itself. The last one was in 2009, but the one prior to that was in 1910! An 11 year is an intense number of Manifestation and Co-Creating with the Universe. Going even further with this, it means projects, endeavors, goals that you have had. Wherever you planted the seeds they will start to sprout, just keep watering, and giving them nourishment. Don’t give up on them…this is the year for them to take off! This could mean anything from your finances, health, love career, travel. Whatever has been deeply rooted in your soul for a long time, this is the year for it to Manifest! It’s time!

“An 11 Universal Year, 2018 offers us new opportunities for seeing truth, connecting with spirit guides, achieving fame, and bringing dreams to fruition.” Dr Athena Perrakis.

To read more from Dr Athena Perrakis article on this auspicious year, please click on the link….

Along with this being an 11 year there are several other very unique aspects of this year. We not only started our first full day of Jan with a full moon, but there will be another one on Jan 31. This means this is a Blue Moon Month. A blue moon actually happens every 2.7 years, so it’s not as infrequent as the saying goes. The 2nd Full Moon is on Jan 31. We will also have a Lunar Eclipse at that time. This means whatever intentions you set during this time will be magnified!

Eclipses are some of the most powerful energies we can experience, but I am not done yet! Today, January 2 through March 8th, all planets will be going Direct! This means a year of great change! Yes, you heard me right…All Planets. This is the time to move forward! Step into who you really want to be! Step into your True Self, Your True Power! Ignite those fires within and move in the flow with them! Dream Big! Take action. Use this beautiful, auspicious, crazy good energy to create the life you have always desired!

Look deep inside of you. What are you passionate about? What have you put on the back burner? What have you not thought you were worthy to do? This is Your Time! Move into this beautiful energy with Love. Be gentle, watch for signs, listen to yourself and take action.

Ignite Your Power to Attract, Create the Life You Desire! It’s Time! It’s Time to Rise, Move and Flow with these beautiful energies!

Here is a beautiful message and a little meditation/ritual that you can do. It’s from my Spiritual Teacher Athena Perrakis

This is just the very beginning of this beautiful year. Take the time to figure out what you want this year to bring you. What are your intentions, what are you manifesting?

One of the things that I do is figure out a specific word for my year. I started doing this in 2017 and continued with it into 2018. Last year my word was Magic. That is still a big word for me, a powerful word as I believe there is a lot of Magic for me in 2018. I will bring it into 2018, but my word this year is Rise. For those that know my story, you saw my journey in 2017 where I started to Rise. Now I will Rise to much greater heights in 2018! I invite you to join me on my journey! I would love to hear your word and why. Please put them in the comments on here or on the social media page. The more we can share our single word, the more power we add to it. We can add the collective energy of love to it.

Another thing that I did (and am still adding too) is an Intention Box. This has items in it that represent 2018 for me. There are things that I want to bring to me, manifest, magnetize towards me. This is a photo of the box. Some people decide to make a box, paint their intention word on it. Create everything that has to do with it. I started this in 2017 too, but had my own box. It is a Cedar Box from a given to me from a family member. It was from a very special part of the US, that means a great deal to me. Cedar also has deep meaning. Plus anyone that knows me, knows that I am crazy about butterflies and the metamorphosis process. The box has a variety of crystals, family items, pieces from Mother Earth such as Birch, a pinecone, and essential oils. I also have a note written about my Intentions for 2018.

One of the things that I would like to add, that you may be interested in, is a little Mojo Bag that I created specifically for working with the Amazing 11 energies of 2018.  I created this on New Years Eve, so it has the beautiful energies of the New Year and the Full Moon. It also has exactly 11 correspondences added.

It has been blessed with these 11 energies: Love, Health, Power, Wisdom, Prosperity, the Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine, Rebirth, Renewal, Protection, and of course Rise-ing!

One of the main items is Pine from a Christmas tree lot that was at a local Catholic Church. Think of how powerful and sacred this energy is! Pine represents Fertility, birthing something new, protection, purification, prosperity. The components consist of things gathered from Mother Earth, crystals, herbs, and essential oils. You can put it in an Intention Box, under your bed, on an altar, you can burn it on a charcoal disk, this is another form of smudging. There are many things that you can do with this Blessed Mojo Bag.

If you would like one, click on the link below or contact me directly on how to purchase. (the link only allows one purchase at a time…sorry…I’m constricted to what this blog and PayPal allows me to do…but please contact me directly if you would like to additional Mojo Bags)
Mojo Bag $11.00 plus $3.00 for shipping and handling

Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful year of love, peace, good health and many blessings…much love and joy! Happy 2018!
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Ignite Your Power to Attract!

Ignite Your Power to Attract! Attract the Life, the Love that You Desire!

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