Setting Intentions and Manifesting With the Full Moon for 2018!


Even though we are leaving the full moon phase, this is an incredible ritual that I suggest doing it whenever you can!
It will help you get focused, set your intentions for what you are bringing into your life! Happy Manifesting!

I did a Full Moon Ritual last night with my teacher, Athena Perrakis, owner of Sage Goddess. I have just started my 3rd year of working with her and all I have to say is WOWZA! Her Full Moon ritual last night was absolutely amazing. She offers her Full Moon and New Moon Ritual’s free, so I have to share it!

As it states in the title, ‘Honoring Ancient Sumeria’. Sumeria was the first civilization on Mother Earth. It is about Manifesting. What do you want to manifest in the New Year? What do you want to attract? Are you paying attention to how your words, spoken, written or self-talk. Athena not only teaches us ancient Sumerian rituals, but also about  the first Queen and the first Goddess. This is all very pertinent now with the Rise of the Divine Feminine! This video is very powerful and I invite you to watch it.

If you love it and want to learn more about Sage Goddess and her classes, click on the link.  This is the program I am in. I just finished Year 1 of her Holistic Healer Program. I would be happy to answer any questions about how these classes have helped me.

I previously wrote about how much Sage Goddess helped me to survive this past year.
Here is that post! How I survived 2017! 

Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful year of love, peace, good health and many blessings…much love and joy! Happy 2018!
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