Mother Nature’s Perfect Healing Crystal for Depression and Anxiety

During this past year I have gotten off of my anti anxiety, anti depression medicine. I discovered through Athena that Lepidolite has Lithium in it. Lithium is what the Pharmaceutical Companies use in their anti anxiety/anti depression prescriptions. They actually send trucks out to the Lepidolite mines to get their Lithium. Lepidolite also repels negativity!!! This is the perfect stone for a my home sanctuary!

Lepidolite is my go to stone, especially living in WI in the Winter! Today the windchill is -25! I have it all over my house. I have them next to my bed for sleep, next to the couch where I sit. I always keep one in my mojo bag and carry it with me wherever I go!

My very best tip is to put them in the bath water or shower and put the stopper down. Your body, your feet will soak up the lithium in a very natural way! Lepidolite is very soft, but durable. It registers at 2.5 to 4, for it’s hardness on the Mohs scale, in comparison a diamond registers at 7 to 8. Since it is soft, it can easily be absorbed into the bath water and then your skin. A perfect Healer from Mother Nature!.

(Please contact your doctor prior to doing this if you are concerned about any reactions!)

In the above Picture is Lepidolite that I have For Sale. The larger is $8.00 and the smaller is $6.00. I have quite a few of each size.
Please let me know if you are interested. $3.00 for Shipping and Handling.

“Lepidolite is a stone that aids our physical and emotional being in so many ways, as it provides peaceful sleep, promotes rest and recovery from illness, eases anxiety attacks, and elevates mood.” Sage Goddess

“A natural, crystallized form of lithium, lepidolite grows with tourmaline and kunzite and is proven to lighten moods and lift depression. Our Native American ancestors had many tourmaline mines on their reservations in the southwest. They would rub the stone directly on their bodies, allowing the lithium to absorb into their skin. The natural lithium had a calming effect, relaxing them and easing mood disorders. We use lepidolite in a similar way today.” Sage Goddess

Sage Goddess has a kit specifically created for sadness relief, that I used and still do. ‘To help you during this darker time of the year, when some of you may be missing loved ones, or could simply be longing for the brighter days of Spring. Many believe that sadness is something you just have to get over, but it’s not so simple. We need help. Support. Tools to get us through it. Times of sadness can be extremely trying on our emotional and physical bodies, and often bring increased worries, added stress, and exhaustion. When we become distraught and weighed down with overwhelming sorrow, we need a renewed lightness and a softened outlook on life in order to see beyond the trying times. My sadness relief set, consisting of my sadness relief oil blend and natural lepidolite, was designed with all this in mind.” Sage Goddess

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