My Spiritual Specialties!

Many people have asked me about what I do….since I have my fingers in a lot of things! I am a woman with many Spiritual Hats! I have several spiritually based businesses…but they all have things in common….I work with the Universe’s Energy, Love, Angels, and the Law of Attraction + many others! With all my hats, the main one that overlaps is that I am here to help others on their spiritual journey as a Spiritual Advisor. I am constantly growing and evolving.

I am making a lot of changes for the upcoming year. 

  1. I will be receiving my Holistic Healer Certificate: crystals, aromatherapy, herbs, magic etc
  2. Sage Goddess Advisor, Contact me for All Things in Sage Goddess.
  3. I am going to be expanding my Soul Coaching, doing much, much more over the phone, Skype, connecting with people all over. I have done this some, but with Michael’s passing, I put it on hold.
  4. Teaching online through ‘Live’ events and previously taped workshops.

My goal this year is to reach as many people as possible, to help them raise their vibration, to live the best life they possibly can!

These are my Specialties, Click on the pictures:
1. the Intuitive Realtor/Healer …(see how I work with energy, the Universe as a Realtor:

2. Attract Your Twin Flame, I did and I can help you find your’s or your Soul-Mate!

3. Space/Energy Clearing-Distance Space Clearing:

4. Soul Awakening/Soul Coaching (working one on one. This is over the phone,
Skype or in person to Attract the Life You Desire!)

5. Energy Healing/Reiki/ Crystal Healing in my home in Verona, WI

6. Sage Goddess Advisor

7. Energy Healer/Reiki Master-Distance Reiki Healing

8. Soul Awakening Workshops…Soon to be Online Too!

9. Illuminate Your Inner Goddess: Ignite Your Power to Attract:

10. Meditations that I have channeled:

11. Two-Spiritual Meetup groups: and

Please contact me with any comments or questions about any of this!

I invite you to join my Private Facebook Group…

Ignite Your Power to Attract!

Ignite Your Power to Attract! Attract the Life, the Love that You Desire!

Please click for more information:
Energy/Reiki Healing
Reiki Distance Healing
Space/Energy Clearings
Soul Awakening/Soul Coaching

Contact me for more info,
Ms. Heidi Kelley
Spiritual Advisor
the Intuitive Realtor/Healer
Sage Goddess Advisor
About Me
Contact Me!

The Intuitive Realtor


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