Letting Go and Manifesting With the Solar Eclipse Workshops

This is for Women Only…at My Home in Madison, WI

Come join me for a Powerful Evening  and Afternoon of Amazing Divine Feminine Energy! It’s time….

I haven’t had a workshop in over a year. Michael’s passing will be a year Aug 22. I woke up this morning and felt a great pull to have a little workshop on Friday evening.

We are in a unique time period right now, with all of the energies around us. We just had the Full Moon with the Lunar Eclipse on Aug 4th , we are in full swing of Mercury Retrograde, Aug 12th – Sept 5th, and the New Moon plus Solar Eclipse is Mon Aug 21st. It’s called “The Great American Eclipse” since this eclipse is the most visible in the US. It is said wherever an eclipse can be seen, the Biggest Change will occur.

Let’s learn how to use this beautiful Transitional Energy!

Mother Moon is Feminine Energy, Yin. Father Sun is Masculine Energy, Yang. When we have a Solar Eclipse it is because Mother Moon is covering up Father Sun. The Divine Feminine Rising back into Her Power even more. There is no coincidence this is happening in our very patriarchal country right now. This is how the Universe gives us gifts. Mother Nature provides natural ways for us to Manifest!

Many of you have heard me discuss in the past about how our Ancestors worked with Mother Moon. How we are very connected and can work with her energies since we are made mostly of water. If you haven’t, here is a link on working with the New Moon. https://igniteyourpowertoattract.com/…/new-moon-manifestin…/

The Solar Eclipse/New Moon has a much more profound effect on energy. Everything is intensified, heightened, magnified. We are in a huge translational period.

The last total solar eclipse coast to coast that was visible was June 8, 1918! The next will be Oct 14, 2023. A maximum magnitude of a total solar eclipse is 1.00. In Madison we will be at .88 . The eclipse on Mon Aug 21st will start at 11:50 peaks at 1:15 and ends at 2:37 pm.

This is a very auspicious time, shedding letting go and planting the seeds for our future. Its time for change…to step into our light, our power.

After really looking into it, how to best use these amazing energies, this is what I am going to set up:

*Friday’s workshop will focus on Letting Go, Releasing what no longer serves us

*Monday’s workshop will focus on Manifesting, Planting the seeds.

There will be some overlap. I will also talk on Friday about things you can do on Mon.

If you can’t make to Friday’s, I will email you some things to do for Mon.

I don’t have glasses and from what I see they are sold out and there are many counterfeit one’s out there that won’t protect…so please be careful.

On Mon we can walk down to the nearby park if we need more of an open space, but we can decide at that time…I am planning on viewing in a safe way and looking more at the different light/shadow as opposed to direct.

 Harness these intense energies to raise Your Vibration and to step further into  Your Souls Journey. 🌞💛

Let Go, Release with the Energy of the Upcoming Eclipse

Friday August 18th 6:30 pm to ???

$25.00 Please pay thru PayPal or contact me to pay me directly.

Manifest/Plant Seeds with the Energy of the  Eclipse

Monday August 21st 11:30 am to ???

$25.00 Please pay thru PayPal or contact me to pay me directly.

If you are planning on attending both events:


This is for Women Only…at My Home in Madison, WI

*Space is limited so sign up early.

**All scheduled workshops are in my home in Verona, WI. unless otherwise stated. Once you have registered, I will give you my address.

***Cancellation Policy:

You will be given credit for another class if you cancel 24 hours prior to the class, otherwise you forfeit the purchase price. Also, you will only be given credit to attend 1 class, if you cancel on that class, payment will be forfeited.

Much Love, Light, Joy and Many Blessings!

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