Tonight’s Full Moon Cleansing and Ritual May 21st


The Full Moon is nature telling us it’s time to release. We are Full of Emotions. Learning to work with Mother Moon during this time can heighten your release. Let it Go, Give it to Mother Moon, to the Universe, to God. It’s time to start using what God gave us, what Mother Nature provides for us Learn how to Ignite Your Power to Attract!

Here is my Full Moon Video explaining how to use Mother Moon’s Magnetic Energy to Let Go and Release the Sh** that no longer serves you!

Full Moon Cleansing Preparation:

  • Create a sacred space and arrange a time to perform the ceremony.
  • Write down on paper the things you want to release, let go, change.
  • Have something that is safe to burn in…a fireplace, fire pit, something that is fire-safe.

Full Moon Cleansing

Find a special place to do the Ritual… A sacred Space.

Cleanse your sacred area with an opening prayer…inviting Archangel Raphael, Michael, Zadkiel, and any of the other Archangels to come and assist you. You can also invite any Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, and anyone else who you would like to join you. You can burn sage, Palo Santo wood, incense or a combination.

Light one or more candles….listen to your Intuition for the type, size, color and how many. You can add statues, crystals, anything to your sacred space that feels right.

Write out what no longer serves you, what you need to release. Let the words flow out of you.

If you want, read out loud the words you have written on the paper…or just have the intention. Invite whoever is assisting you to help in releasing it from your life.

Take it outside and set it to fire in the fire-safe container. Give everything that you are releasing over to Mother Moon.

Thank the spirits and everyone else who assisted you. Feel this low energy release from your body.


The Full Moon The Full Moon marks the mid-point of the lunar cycle when the Moon is opposite the Sun and She illuminates the night sky with her brilliance. The illumination of the Full Moon can be harnessed for

■Doing something creative


■Insight and reflection

■Acknowledging desires

■Giving thanks and appreciation

■Experiencing intimacy with loved ones and yourself

■Sending quality time with your partner

■Making love

■Holding inner tensions to allow for the possibility of reconciliation and resolution.</span

The most powerful time is when the Moon is waxing or leading up to the Full Moon when the lunar tides are still gathering momentum. In a woman’s personal Moon Cycle the Full Moon phase corresponds with ovulation and pregnancy. The archetypes that are active are Lover and Mother. It is the time for connection and relationship and for honoring our fertility and creativity in any form we feel drawn to express it.

Give Thanks!

Much Love, Light, Joy and Many Blessings! Enjoy!

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