Archangel Haniel and Mother Moon


I thought I would share Archangel Haniel’s card and info since she is the Archangel connected to Mother Moon. Her crystal is selenite… Which is the heart stone in the photo. Connect with her when you are working with Mother Moon. She will assist you in releasing the SH** and Manifesting your Dreams!….Here is the Full Moon Cleansing Ritual and Video:

The Moon… Archangel Haniel:

Important psychics insights. Events behind the scenes. Release fears that hold you back.

Everyone experiences times in their lives when they’re afraid or insecure sometimes these fears are based on external factors you can see, and sometimes worry stem from irrational or unreal concerns. In both cases it’s important to go within and listen to your intuition as to what to do next. Ask your inner self about the source of your anxiety, and trust your guidance.

The angels sent you this card because this is a time of powerful intuition and psychic ability. However, your greatest insights will be about yourself. Embrace self-awareness to overcome past blocks that have held you back. The Moon will provide clarity and respect to your situation. Psychic visions as well as your nighttime dreams should be given credence. What is your subconscious trying to tell you? Could there be more going on here than meets the eye? Awaken to truth about yourself that you’ve kept hidden and see the brilliant light.

Under the light of this shining Moon, things that you thought weren’t possible ( or even real) suddenly come to life. There are opportunities for enlightenment that are so wondrous you can scarcely believe it. Fears that have previously held you back can now be released. Chances are that these worries and concerns aren’t even valid anymore. Perhaps they never were!

In the picture, Archangel Haniel wears the cross of equal proportion…. Conscious and subconscious thoughts are balanced. On one side of her is a wolf, on the other, a dog. They represent the wild and tame. Two streams flow into a pond…conscious and subconscious knowledge is converging. The pond represents meditation and inner wisdom.

Angel Number:

The Moon card is 18. With 18, people may feel compelled to express their concerns or fears. There is also a connection between the spiritual and material worlds….which may feel at odds with one another. So you must stay positive about your expectations so your material needs can be met in ways that you feel good about.

Archangel Haniel is associated with the Moon, Intuition, and Clairvoyance. She will show you the truth in your situation. Call upon Haniel for help in developing, trusting, and following your Spiritual gifts and Divine Guidance. Her aura is pale blue…moonlight colors.


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