Raise Your Vibration! Ignite Your Power to Attract! #4


Here is the 4th installment of  Ignite Your Power to Attract. The video continues to discuss items you surround yourself with, especially those items that have been passed on to you. All of these items are emitting an energy…good or bad. Find out how to surround yourself with loving energy!

I will be regularly sharing tidbits that I use with my clients or share in my workshops about Raising Your Vibration! You will learn why we need to raise our vibration to manifest, how to improve our lives and those around us through the Law of Attraction and Laws of the Universe. This is also based on faith, that we are not alone, that the other side wants us to live a life full of joy and is here to assist us!

The more that you can do this, the more you will Ignite Your Power to Attract and Manifest the Life You Desire!

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I have attached Reiki Distance Healing to the Video!


1. Grandma’s wedding dress, her sister made (father’s side)
2. My Mother’s dress, her Mother made
3. My dress, my Mother made

Much Love, Light, Joy and Many Blessings!

These are the Healing Services that I offer from a Distance!

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Ignite Your Power to Attract! Attract the Life the Love that You Desire!

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