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I am so honored to be doing what I do….living the life I love and being able to help other’s in the process! I am just going along with my Soul’s Journey. If you would like assistance with your Soul’s Journey…I have received beautiful testimonial’s recently about my Readings. My Readings aren’t typical, not only are they “Readings”, but I also add Reiki Distance Healing where I am able to clear energy blocks that are holding you back from the Life You Desire and Raise Your Vibration! Contact me for more info!

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“I just wanted to take some time to say thank you for my reading yesterday. I’d only slept for about 2 hours the night before, because I was so worried and stressed over my present circumstances. I was in a terrible funk when we spoke. I’d had a break down the night before that was continuing into the morning. I read my notes from my reading and I just kept talking to Archangels Raphael and Michael. I slept for over 8 hours last night. And while I still have no clue what to do for my present circumstances, I feel less worried. Now I’m at a friend’s party having fun. I needed to hear everything you said. You really brought me out. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” `J

“I truly enjoyed the reading from Heidi today. Every thing what you shared with me is very powerful and positive. I felt and actually seen changes in my life and around me. Thank you for sharing what I have to work on with me. Thank you for cleaning out the garbage in my home at my work place and with my son. I so much appreciate everything positive , moving forward . Thank you for guiding me back on track. Thank you thank you, thank you. You’re the best!” …I

“Heidi, Thank you very much for the helpful Intuitive Reading you provided for me. Your intuitive and wise interpretation of the childhood events that were plaguing me has helped me immensely. I feel significant less guilt over the events. I have made the altar you suggested and interesting enough I was given two very special candles over the Holiday that were perfect for it. Each time I look at this altar I feel a release of guilt, and feel more love for myself. And your card reading of Play is spot on. I need to do less and just ‘be’ more and to allocate more time for play. This has been lacking in my life.

Heidi, I truly value your intuitive abilities and am blessed to have met you. You have helped me immensely with your amazingly fabulous sale of my home and with my personal growth and journey. Thank you so much!” D

“Hi Heidi, Thank you again for helping me to take control of me and what I have to do to help me. I write down all the affirmations I see these also have healings words that I read over and over. Also I wanted to know if you could send me some information about the. Crystal I picked out today. Thank you for you being you”…I

I have received an Angel card reading from Heidi Kelley, a person who is very skillful with her intuitive abilities.  She drew five cards for me and provided guided explanations of the meanings of these cards.  The advice was spot on with what I am currently struggling with.  I was totally amazed how they tuned into what I am going through.  The advice was sound and felt like it was coming from a caring wise relative.  I now feel totally supported by these Angels.  I read this card reading from Heidi frequently, it provides hope and guidance for me.  I follow Heidi’s advice of regularly asking for the Angels assistance.  This card reading from Heidi was extremely helpful to me. D

After I read the Angel Cards Reading by Heidi, I was amazed at how spot on it was for how I was feeling that particular day. That evening I listened to a meditation with Archangel Raziel that was suggested in my reading and surprisingly felt so much at peace, I fell asleep!  I would highly encourage those of you that know Heidi or even those that don’t…. to reach out to her and her amazing intuitive gifts to help you as she so often has helped me! C

Heidi did an Angel card reading for me recently. The cards, and her interpretation of the cards, were very relevant to my life, in seeing where I am right now, and the Angels had such supportive and loving responses for me, advice I dearly needed. I am watching for signs, Heidi! Thank you for the reading. I really needed to hear those things!! xoxo, MIN

 If you would like a Reading personalized just for you,
go to my
Readings page!

Much Love, Light, Joy and Many Blessings! Enjoy!

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