Raising Your Vibration Day 4




I was reading an article by Lisa K and what she wrote rang true for me and how I live my life. This is a portion of it.

“All intuitive messages come through energy. In one of my intuition development classes, a student raised his hand and asked, “What is this energy thing about, how do you feel energy?” This energy thing is metaphysical energy. It is thought to be the energy that connects us all and has created everything.

Sensing energy is actually not difficult to do; your body does it all the time. In fact, your body and your brain are built to tune in and feel energy exquisitely. Scientists have been proving this by measuring a brain wave connection between two people who are physically not in the same room. Not surprisingly, this energetic connection is stronger when the two people have an emotional bond. Some of this research also shows that the brain can even pick up future events before they happen. Metaphysical energy itself is not measurable by science, but science can measure the way our bodies respond to that energy. Research has shown that our bodies and our brain can sense energy reliably, even if we are unaware of it”….Lisa K

This is exactly how I live, how I run all of my businesses. People ask me how I work with energy in homes as the Intuitive Realtor/Healer? My response is this…energy is something we are all aware of, we all have the ability to sense energy. The biggest difference is that I have tuned myself to be aware of it. This is something our ancestors knew. They knew to work with energy, with nature, with their surroundings. With our technological, industrial society, we have lost our connection to this. Our society doesn’t value what our senses are telling us, what our body is saying, how we feel. If we did, our world, our country would be a lot better off. When we don’t listen to the energy, we get into trouble. We need to return to our roots, to what our ancestors knew. We live in a society that tried to control us….take back your control…your power and LISTEN!

Begin to sense the energy around you. Take baby steps. Notice when you are in different locations and what they feel like. The more you can pay attention, listen to the signals your body is giving you, the better off you will be….as long as you LISTEN!!! Honor yourself and LISTEN and FOLLOW THRU. If it feels good, you are on the right path….if it doesn’t get out! Make changes and move on! This is YOUR LIFE…take control….be the director of the movie you call YOUR LIFE!

One very simple rule of feeling energy….if you feel like you are swimming/floating downstream….follow that energy. You are on the right path! If you feel like you are swimming upstream…going against the current, you are on the wrong path! Change what you are doing!!!

The more you can LISTEN and FOLLOW THRU the higher your vibration will be!

Everything I do, all the work I do, has to do with energy, how we vibrate, clearing out old, low energies and raising our vibration to attract the life we desire. I do this in my work as the Intuitive Realtor/Healer, as well as all the work I do as an Healing Services I do, including Space Healing, Soul Awakening Coaching, and Energy Healing (Reiki).  Heidi

Ignite Your Power to Attract! Attract the Life the Love that You Desire!


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