Spring Cleaning the Chakras in Our Homes, to Manifest!

As The Intuitive Realtor /Healer in Madison, I talk to sellers about the importance of “decluttering” in an effort to get their home sold, but it is also very important in our daily lives. When we clear out clutter, we are opening up our lives to manifesting, to receiving what we are wanting in our lives. Clearing out the clutter is about letting go, letting your unloved or unused items go and allowing the energy “chi” to flow.

Our homes have energy in them just like our bodies; our rooms actually mimic our chakra centers. Take a look at your living space and see how it relates to your own life; see if they mirror your blocked chakras.

Rooms and living spaces that typically represent the major chakras are:

Crown Chakra: attic, roof

Brow Chakra: den, home office, windows

Throat Chakra: living room, family room

Heart Chakra: kitchen, dining areas

Solar Plexus Chakra: bathrooms, personal spaces

Sacral Chakra: master bedroom

Root Chakra: basement, crawl spaces

Aura: porches, decks, landscaping, garages

A basement that is full and disorganized could mean financial or security problems. A kitchen that is jumbled and messy could reflect love or relationship troubles. An overstuffed living room could lead to stuffing your feelings, basically not speaking up for yourself.

Many of us have the tendency to collect clutter. I admit, I am still a work in progress. I came from a family that saved everything; we might need it in the future. When we hang onto our unused items, saving them for a rainy day, we are basically saying we don’t have the faith that we will receive what we need in the future. We are living in fear, lack and scarcity. This is how many of our ancestors lived and it has been passed on generation to generation.

I have found the more I clear out of my house, the more I make room for new. One thing that I learned is to ask myself if I love the item, if I don’t, I get rid of it. We should only have items surrounding us that we truly love, that really make us happy. This not only helps our house look better, but it improves how we feel, which in turn raises the energy level in the house, that ultimately raises the vibration in our body. It is a continuous cycle that assists us to manifest and achieve our dreams!

Clutter and disharmony block our mental and spiritual energy and make it harder to create, prosper and manifest new things into our lives. When we create a space by getting rid of the old, the new comes into our life. So if you get rid of old clothes, you are making space for new clothes to be manifested in your life.

One final thought: You must be open to receiving. Sometimes the clutter is your own self-sabotaging block to get in the way of your desire. Listen to your heart and try to understand if you have any deep fear about the outcome of what you want to manifest. Do you think you will lose the memories if you sell your home or that your family won’t accept your new career? Listen to your heart, your soul, your intuition and then be open to receive.

Now it is time for me to head to the basement to start clearing out!

Everything I do, all the work I do, has to do with energy, how we vibrate, clearing out old, low energies and raising our vibration to attract the life we desire. I do this in my work as the Intuitive Realtor/Healer, as well as all the work I do as an Healing Services I do, including Space Healing, Soul Awakening Coaching, and Energy Healing (Reiki).  Heidi

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