Reasons To Do a Space/Energy Clearing

Turning Life and Home into a Sanctuary!

With Spring’s arrival, I have been asked to do a number of Space Clearings.  I thought I would take some time to explain what this is, since not everyone is familiar with it, or why it can have a BIG impact on our lives. Everything that I do is based on everything being energy. This includes not only our bodies, but our homes, our places of work, the fork we eat with and the bed we sleep in, it’s all connected. This energy can be positive or negative and it collects like dust in our homes, without us seeing it, but we do feel it. We feel it either consciously or subconsciously….this energy affects us, our lives whether we realize it or not.
Space clearings are similar to a Spring Cleaning, except it works on the energy in home, it enhances and freshens a room, house, building or place of business. This buildup of energy can cause energy blocks, slow-moving, dense, sluggish energy. When we have this type of energy in our surrounding, it affects our physical bodies. We can do everything to raise our vibration, manifest the life we desire, but if we aren’t living in a compatible environment that matches these desires, we won’t be able to attract what we want in life. This energy will keep us from receiving it.
After a Space Clearing, the energy will flow freely, vibrantly and manifesting will be much easier.
I was guided to create a beautiful, unique ceremony that will cleanse, purify and consecrate the energy of a physical space. When the spaces around us are nurturing and supportive our quality of life improves. I also use my crystal singing bowl and crystal pyramid. This will have a dramatic affect on your surroundings along with your body, your chakras, and your vibration.
There are endless ways space clearing can be used. It is one of the most powerful techniques for clearing and synchronizing energy in our lives. Space clearing can transform a dismal environment into a sacred space, harmonize the energies and help turn your home/space into a sanctuary.
The following is a list of reasons to do a space clearing:
  • Moving into a new home or office space to clear out any predecessor’s energy (I do this for my buyers with the purchase of a new home Your home/space will carry energetic remains from all previous people who were there. If the home was foreclosed on, the owner’s had a divorce, if there was a serious illness, all of this could be picked up in the energy of your body and you might not know why. You could begin to have financial issues, illness etc. Typically we don’t know the history of a home’s inhabitants or the land it was built on….so it is essential to start fresh with a space clearing in a new home!
  • Selling a home so it welcomes a new buyer (I do this for my listings with the purchase of a new home This helps the owners release their energy in the home, to let them go and not be attached with all of the memories…good or bad. I also put energy into a listing to attract the perfect buyer, so a new buyer feels welcome and accepted in this home. Along with this, I also have meditations to help a home seller release their energy, but keep their fond memories.
  • Manifest Your Desire: Helps you co-create what your dreams and desires are by sending off the same vibration. It can help you improve relationships, finances, and opportunities.
  • To Enrich Profits in Business: Releases any energies from any previous businesses, gives a fresh start, and attracts prosperity to the business
  • Used Objects: When you bring a used object into your home, whether it is an item of clothing or furniture, it will hold the previous owner’s history, especially if it is an antique, it is a good idea to clear the energy of the object
  • After a death on the premises Space clearing is an excellent way of cleansing the home to rid it from this emotional residue. 
  • After an illness: Wash all bedding and clean the room thoroughly; then, do the space clearing. It is also a good idea to air out the room by opening all the windows with the intention to release the unhealthy energy and refresh the space.
  • Foreclosure or short sale: Your home/space will carry energetic remains from all previous people who were there. These homes hold unfavorable financial energy within their walls. This energy needs to be released.

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