Card Reading Results for 04/11

Here are the results for the Earth Magic cards for April 11th. Enjoy!

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A. ) Childhood-Innocence:

By drawing this card you are asked to remember the little child that still lives inside of you. We all carry the innocence of our childhood within us as adults. You are asked to take some quiet time to reconnect with the little child in you. This is the key to your happiness to your joy, to how you live your life!
Go back to your childhood and remember those things that made you happy, those moments of play that you could get lost in for hours. Did you love to dance? Ride your bike? Paint? What did you collect? Rocks? Seashells? Let yourself daydream about all the things you truly enjoyed, then write them down.
These tidbits are seeds to what makes you a happy adult. Do what you can to bring that ‘play’ into your current life. If you collected rocks…bring rocks and crystals into your home. If you loved to dance, but no longer can physically, daydream about it…really feel it in your body, the joy dancing gave you. If you loved to explore outside…go to the nearest park, to state parks, or even national parks.

Our little child in each one of us longs for the carefree, playful, innocent days of our youth. Your happiness will increase when you make this connection!

B.) Music-Harmony:

Ah Music! What would life be without it! Where there is more than one instrument played or two or more people singing, the resulting harmonies blend into one unified sound that is pleasing to the ear. If notes are out of sync, there is a notable dissonance that can be disturbing.

This is a time of considerable harmony for you, one where the various elements in your life are flowing together smoothly. Just as in musical harmony, it is the interface of these elements that merge into a cycle of symmetry and balance that evokes feelings of harmony. The challenge is to sustain this inner accord even when there is considerable dissonance outside of your own mind, heart, and body.

Note the sensations, emotions, and thoughts you experience when everything seems to be moving along well. Take three deep breaths and let your breathing be the anchor that reminds you of this state of consciousness. Whenever you perceive chaos around you, know that it is a mirror for your inner turmoil. When you recognize this, take three or more breaths to bring forth the memory of those moments when your life was like a symphony. Then every time you exhale, you are releasing the energy of your internal state of harmony into the world, and it will have amazing effects.

C.) Waterfall-Effortless:

Waterfalls are one of nature’s most exquisite and dynamic demonstrations how water naturally flows from higher to lower lower ground. They are graceful, powerful, and effortless. She can take our breath away with her cascading beauty. She readily flows around that which may otherwise impede. She’s extremely patient, persistent, and skillful in the way she ever so gradually shapes and carves her passageways down the slope of the mountain.

You have come to the edge of your comfort zone and find yourself fighting to resist moving past that perceived precipice of who you are, how you can be, or what you can do. Spirit is asking you to step beyond the edge and allow yourself to do so with ease rather than struggle. Yes, at times physical exertion is necessary, but when performed with fluidity and grace, even when the task seems daunting, you’ll find that the movement moves you effortlessly.

Approach the present situation or relationship with awareness and grace. Do not try to make it effortless-that just creates more strain. The key word here is to allow. This is not a time to fight, but to surrender to the will of Spirit, even if you are being asked to let go completely and tumble into the brink of creation itself. You will find the waters there to be ultimately still and calm. Keep your focus on your solar plexus and your breath. Breathing through any tension. Relaxing and yielding to the moment that is occurring at every any given moment makes your life effortless.

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