Reiki Distant Healing Testimonial


reiki distant healing

Forty-Five years ago I was in a very bad car accident, I broke ribs and dislocated my back. The doctors wanted to do major back surgery that would put me flat on my back for weeks during the recovery process. I had 3 young children and there was no way I could take the time for it, so the surgery was put on a back burner. The years went by and I put up with my back pain, but as I approached 80 yrs old, the pain was too intense and I needed surgery. I had the surgery Dec 9th, 2013 and turned 80 yrs old on Dec 19, 2013.

 After forty-five years of waiting for major “back surgery” it finally happened.  This was the day of days that I felt would never be a reality, I wanted to feel better, but I had also dreaded this day. 

 The morning of the surgery I felt calm and relaxed.  It was scheduled for 1 o’clock and we arrived at the hospital at 12. I had given Heidi the time and she performed a Distant Reiki Healing on me before, during and after the procedure. (She was able to set the Reiki Distance Healing all up ahead of time, so even if the times of the surgery changed, I would still have the healing done, she also had the healing continuous for the following month.) I felt very content and peaceful (not anxious like I have been for previous surgeries) as I was wheeled away to the surgery room. As we entered the room I looked around and remember the warmth of joy sweep over me. One or two hours later I was really in a state of euphoria as I woke up in my room.

 One thing I must share, I am not one to take pain medications or any medications…I just don’t like taking prescription pills or how they make my body feel. In the past when I have had surgery, my body actually rejected them (I couldn’t keep them down). So I had very little pain meds after the surgery.

 I was able to walk with assistance the next day up and down the halls. The doctor wouldn’t let me leave until I could manage some of the hospital stairs. Three days later, I was able to climb the stairs and was released to do whatever I felt comfortable doing. Once I got settled at home, I was able to walk up and down the street with assistance, but it didn’t take long for me to be on my own. Heidi continued with the Reiki Distant Healing which I absolutely know assisted me on my healing journey and in the “whole” process. 

 I have had several surgeries in the past and this one I dreaded the most, however I know that Heidi’s Reiki Distant Healing gave me the peace of mind and feeling of contentment. I would definitely use her in the future and recommend her to anyone.



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