New Moon Manifestation Ritual


The new moon each month is the peak time to set new goals and intentions. The combination of the new moon and the early stages of Spring will align the energies even more for optimal manifestation. Start by planting the seeds of our dreams and watching them grow.The new moon is a phase of the Moon that occurs when it passes between Earth and the Sun, making it either invisible or visible only as a thin crescent at sunset This is a very promising time to “plant” new intentions. Utilizing this fertile energy will synchronize you with the larger creative forces of the universe.  Tailor the ritual to your comfort by filling the space with objects, colors and fragrances that you love. There is no right or wrong way.

Items you might want to create a sacred space:

Candles, photos or images of what you are manifesting, sage or incense for smudging,  something from all the elements, candles (fire), sea shell (water), crystals/stones (earth), with incense, feather (air), Oracle cards, and any other special objects you want to include. Have a pen and paper available too.

  1. Smudge or sage your sacred space in a large circle.
  2. When you are placing each object in the space, think of why you wanted the object in the ceremony, its purpose, such as the candle is there for the fire element.  When all 4 of the elements are balanced, the energy will flow freely and your ritual will be more effective.
  3. Start by lighting the candle and burning incense. Focus on your breath and breathe deeply. You can also meditate and if it helps, play a guided manifestation meditation. Ask yourself: “What do I want to create in my life?”
  4. Call in any spirit guides, angels, ascended masters (such as Jesus, Budda, etc) anyone you want to be around you.
  5. You can say… “I accept these things into my life now or something better for the highest good and the highest good of all concerned.” 
  6. Write down your intentions, as many as you wish. Note that intentions should always be written in the positive. For instance, instead of “I don’t want,” use “I want” or “I am.” Read each intention out loud as you finish. You can write these on small pieces of paper and then ‘plant’ them in your garden, flower bed, or in your potted plants inside. Each time you water them, think of the notes you have.
  7. Be in each moment. Aligning your energy with the mysterious new moon requires that you connect with your natural rhythm. Also, listen carefully for any messages that Spirit is giving you. These messages could come in the form of feelings, thoughts or through a sort of “sixth sense.” Pay attention!
  8. When finished. Allow yourself to release any emotions that you are feeling. Take deep breaths.
  9. Close your ritual any way you want. You may read a poem, say a prayer or remain in silence. Extinguish the candle.

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