Make 2015 Your Year to Thrive!


I just read this quote this morning from my dear friend Angelica White. It is absolutely true. This is our year to manifest the life we desire, to get clear on what we really want out of our lives and go forth with no fear….or maybe some….but still moving forward even if it’s baby steps!

I have a lot of tools to help you with these manifestations. With everything I do, I work with energy, either in Readings, as a Soul Awakening Coach, Energy Healing (Reiki), Space Clearing, as The Intuitive Realtor and even in my Awakening Workshops! I am able to connect with the other side to find blockages and clear energy/raise your vibration. The higher your vibration, the more you attract the good in your life and the more you can…..Ignite Your Power to Attract the Life You Desire!

I do a lot more than just a typical ‘Reading‘, Energy Healer, or even as the Intuitive Realtor! My client’s and I work together as a team with our angels and guides. They are directed on ways to achieve the best possible life! It’s definitely not passive on my client’s part! As a client, it all depends on how much you want to manifest the life they desire, to have the faith that it will happen….maybe not the way you want or expect….but that is only because God has a BIGGER plan than any of us can imagine. It is all about having faith, trusting, and believing. I give you tools to assist you in any of my healing modalities. This could be anything from what Angels and colors to work with, to certain meditations or energy work you can do on your own to, suggestions on clearing your energy and self-care. whether it is one session, several, or over months, or longer. It’s not going from 10 to 100 miles an hours in a day….but the progress will happen…depending on the teamwork we do!  God put us here to thrive, to live a beautiful, abundant, healthy life.

Make 2015 your year to Thrive and Manifest! Contact me to find out the best way for you to Raise YOUR Vibration and Ignite Your Power to Attract the Life You Desire!


Ignite Your Power to Attract! Attract the Life the Love that You Desire!

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