Card Reading Results for 01/08


Here are the results for the Archangel Michael cards for January 8th. If you would like a personal reading,  contact me at my Readings page, they are either over the phone or through email!

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A. ) Shield Yourself:

This card indicates that you’re especially sensitive to energies and emotions right now. Archangel Michael is shielding you from harsh energy, but it’s also important for you to take action steps to help with this endeavor. For example, avoid situations where anger and or competition are expressed. Follow your natural inclinations, such as keeping to yourself or spending time with soft-spoken gentle people.

Possible specific meanings:

Wear or carry a protective crystal, such as black obsidian. Make sure that you are physically protected, including having up-to-date health insurance, an automobile in good working condition, and so forth. Use caution in dealing with this situation or relationship.


Archangel Michael, I ask you to protect me, my loved ones, my vehicle, and my home with your powerful shield. Surround us in your purple light, which allows only pure love to penetrate. Please stay with me day and night, and keep my loved ones safe.

***If you would like more information shielding yourself…I can assist you during a Reading.

B.) Believe and Trust:

To resolve this situation you must believe that everything is healed and whole right now. As your faith grows stronger, the doorway to Divine solutions will open. Your trust enables your mind and body to relax, which increases your creative energy and strength two qualities that will prove especially helpful to you.

Possible specific meanings:

This situation will have a happy outcome. Positive thinking will bring you your desired outcome more rapidly. Give worries to God and the Angels. Trust the person you’re inquiring about. Believe in yourself!


Before going to sleep tonight, say: “Archangel Michael, please enter my dreams and replace fear with faith and trust. Let me be filled with strength, courage, and confidence.”

***If you would like more information about this…I can assist you during a Reading with more info on trusting yourself, listening to your intuition and God and the Angels are always there to take care of you.

C.) Energy Healing Work:

This card signifies that your present situation would benefit from healing energy, which you can elicit from the Angels (just ask them), a qualified energy healer, or from your own intentions and energy.

Possible specific meanings:

Take measures to boost your energy and vitality such as exercising and eating healthfully. Enroll in an energy healing course. Book a session with a qualified energy healer. Your life purpose involves energy healing work.


Thank you for sending healing energy to me and through me, for my own blessings and for all those around me. Thank you for connecting me to loving and high-integrity healers and teachers of energy healing modalities.

***I am an energy healer, reiki distance healer and I do space clearing on homes and businesses. I can also work on clearing your energy during Reading. Contact me if  you would like more information about any of this.


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