Card Reading Results for 01/07

Here are the results for the Earth Magic cards for January 7th. If you would like a personal reading,  contact me at my Readings page, they are either over the phone or through email!

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A.) Ceremony: Invocation,

It is in sacred ceremony that we have one of the greatest opportunities to experience communion with source, one where they perceived dualities of both heaven and earth merge into an experience of the Divine. Through the use of sacred pieces that have become imbued with spiritual significance, we bring forth ceremony catalyzed by clear intention and preparation. Sacred ceremony is prayer in action.

Whether through indifference, depression, life crisis, or any other manifestation of mental, emotional, or physical blockages, you have drifted from the intimacy with spirit for which you yearn. It is important to do what you can to regain an experience of spiritual power that is contained within you and all around you. Do so by conducting a ceremony, one that involves not only Spirit but also material objects you considered sacred.

Set up an altar in a convenient area that is apart from your usual living space. Start with representations of the four major elements-Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, and then add just a few sacred objects. Set your intention for the ceremony, such as whether the purpose is for healing, celebration, or honoring a particular Earth season or cycle. Then do an invocation to call upon your spirit guides.

Breathe their presence, and ask these Divine beings to guide you through the process. Trust their guidance. Feel your heartbeat and keep breathing. Breath is a key to the actual experience out of Spirit, and creating this ceremony is a vehicle that supports this.

B.) Rainbow: Blessings,

A rainbow is created by the collaberation of sunlight and water in the atmosphere. The water droplets become tiny prisms that collectively diffuse and disperse light into a ribbon of colors that is the essence of every hue we’re capable of receiving on this planet. Rainbows symbolize many things, including good luck, a bridge to heaven and abundance.

The storm has passed, and it is time to enjoy the refreshing beauty of this cycle, even though it has been difficult to appreciate any sense the purposefulness in what you have endured lately. You can now, as they say, count your blessings. Do not just look at the ‘brighter side’ adhering to some academic mantra that has no heart or depth, but do so slowly and with genuine gratitude that is expressed up close and personal.

This ever-evolving process of life itself is a blessing-an opportunity to exist as a human being on Earth. The planet is a beautiful garden, even if it does not always appear to be so. Sometimes it is only when you look back at a memory of an experience that you can truly see the blessings that have come from them. Bless your difficult or painful experiences, and let them go.

C.) Dreamtime: Creation

For the Aborigines of Australia, the Dreamtime is a place before time and outside of time in which ancestral spirit beings came to earth and gave all of Life its form. Once the work was done, these spirits remained in the very forms they created including the animals, hills, stars, and other features of the land-and continue to be present today.

Close your eyes, tune in to your breathing, and allow yourself to sink deeply into the heart of the living creation that you are. As you notice your breath becoming steady and slightly deeper than usual, observe the urge within you that is begging to come forth and some creative action. Pay attention to any images, sounds, or feelings that beckon your awareness: and there you will find the key as to the manner in which to express this magnificent pulse.

Your breath is a crossover between spirit and physical reality. Breathing comfortably and steadily helps you align yourself with spirit, which then brings a clear focus on what creative expression is preparing to be birthed through and from you. Discard any habitual thought patterns that would prevent the manifestation of what you are being prompted to bring forth. Allow yourself to take risks with this self expression, and all of creation will smile upon you.

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