Trust Your Vibes: 12/31

Trust Your Vibes cards by Sonia Choquette are to help activate and strengthen your sixth sense. They will help you deepen your connection To God, your Higher Self, angels, spirit guides, and helpers from the Other Side!


To activate your higher awareness and instantly restore good vibrations, all you need is a serious dose of recreation and play time . Rather than continuing to relentlessly pressed against the uphill battle of life, it’s necessary to back off at regular intervals and do something fun. This gives your ego a break and allows your creative spirit to incubate a solution. Having fun is not a waste of time. It allows the Universe to work on your behalf while you refresh your soul and gain a new perspective. Play also raises your personal vibration and increases your ability to intercept Divine guidance from higher realms. Albert Einstein once said that he wished he had played more, while Leonardo DaVinci made it a regular daily practice. An hour or two, or even a full evening or weekend of play, will release your inner genius, restore your vitality, and usher in the solutions you seek.

Back off, relax, enjoy, and see if a surprising outcome results.

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