Talking to Heaven 12/29

Think of a person in Heaven with whom you would like to communicate…..Heaven hears your thoughts.
***If you are reading this card/blog…this message was sent for you from your Loved One! ♡♡♡

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I feel healthy and happy.

I can now do amazing things I never dreamed possible, and it feels like I’m doing them in a physical body except I’m so much lighter, freer, and more flexible. So I can do acrobatics if I want, I can fly, I can jump as high as a mountain, and I can move instantly between locations. It’s magical here!

The main thing that I wanted to emphasize with you though, is that all the aches, pains, and suffering went away with my physical body! I can breathe, see, and walk like a healthy young person now. All the limitations of a physical body are gone, and I’m enjoying my spiritual body.

I also see how I could have taken much better care of myself physically enjoy better health, I hope you’ll take this to heart, too. After all, we only get one physical body per lifetime, and it is built to last a lifetime if we take care of it.

This is the “Talking to Heaven” cards by Doreen Virtue and James Van Praagh. Enjoy!

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