Talking to Heaven: 12/28

Think of a person in Heaven with whom you would like to communicate…..Heaven always hears your thoughts!
***If you are reading this card/blog…this message was sent for you from your Loved One! ♡♡♡

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Although you may not understand it now, everything happens for a reason.

” There is a Divine order behind everything that happens, including the time of my passing. I realize that you weren’t ready to let me go, and in many ways, I wasn’t ready either. Since my passing, I received spiritual counseling to help me see the big picture of my life and death. I now understand that I had to leave the way I did. It was part of my soul contract– and yours as well.”

“I now see that everything in this universe is mathematically precise. There are no accidents. At some level, your soul knew that I would leave before you did. We’ve both been preparing for this transition since the beginning of our relationship. I am grateful for all the beautiful moments we shared together, along with the lessons I learned from the difficult times. It’s all Divinely perfect.”

This is the “Talking to Heaven” cards by Doreen Virtue and James Van Praagh. Enjoy!

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