Talking to Heaven: December 27th

Think of a person in Heaven with whom you would like to communicate…..Heaven hears your thoughts.
***If you are reading this card…this message was sent for you from your Loved One! ♡♡♡


” Ironically, I understand life so much better now that I’m not physically alive! Of course, my soul-like yours and everyone else’s-is very much alive. In fact, I’ve learned that nothing can harm our souls, because they are God’s handiwork. Oh,sure, our emotions and our psyches can get wounded, but those are still part of the human ego…so they can be healed with the right understanding.

Basically I’ve learned to have complete compassion for myself, for everyone, in for the process of life. I wasted so much time judging myself and others, and I held back because of insecurities that have no foundation. Now I see that there’s nothing to fear at all, because nothing bad can ever happened to you at a soul level. So, please learn from my experiences: live your life with gusto and joy!”

This is the Talking to Heaven cards by Doreen Virtue and James Van Praagh. Enjoy!

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